Access our business documents and other research materials with a Reader Access Pass. Carry out research in our Focus Space at appointed times. Request Documents that you don’t see in our Online Library. Use our Business Walls for working on key areas of your business- from Goal Setting to SWOT Analysis  

About Our Space for Entrepreneurs 

The Timely Entrepreneur’s Offline Library and Focus Space is a calm, inspiring place to work and access The Timely Entrepreneur’s collections. Our Online Entrepreneur Library contains 100+ Titles about all things business. Request personal titles and have them delivered to you!

Some collections are freely available online, but the majority will require a visit to the Library's Reading Room. Our Reading Room is for those who need to access items from our collection, such as: business forms, books, articles and sound recordings.

Access to the entire library is available for the sum of $560TT which entitles you to one year's membership. You will also receive a Reader Access Pass or E-Pass upon accepting our Conditions of Use.

You can consult items from our collections, access a wide range of online resources and get help from our research and reference specialists.

Focus Space

The Focus Space is open Mondays and Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm, Tuesdays and Thursday’s 3:30pm - 6pm and Fridays and Saturdays 8:30 - 6pm. Appointments MUST be made prior to visit. 

If you do not need access to the Library’s resources, you can use our Focus Space to work on your Business Plans, Marketing Plans etc. without having to get a Reader Access Pass. WIFI is provided for all our users. However use of our Business Walls will require paid membership.

Visitors to our Focus Space are required to leave heavy jackets, bags and laptop cases in the safe space allocated. The temperatures inside the Reading Rooms are set to protect our collection and may feel cool, so please bring an extra layer for your comfort.

Reading Room Booths

Study carrels (small cubicles for study) are provided for our readers and researchers. The carrels can accommodate one or two people. As advance booking is required for the carrels, please ensure that you have scheduled your visit and adhere to your appointment time.

Contact us to make your appointment at 868.488.0507 / 868.760.6221.

Bookings are normally for 45 minutes to 1 hour and only two Resource items are allowed in the carrel at any one time. Remember there is no cost to use booths or access any material after your yearly membership of $560TT is paid.

Conditions of Use

Register Online

We recommend that you begin your registration online to start the process of becoming a Reader. After registering online, you can then set up an online account and order your reading and research materials ahead of your first visit. When you order, we will let you know how long it will take to schedule your appointment. Online users gain immediate access upon payment and receipt of their E-Pass.

After Registration

After registration, we will schedule your visit and you can come in to complete your registration and use our Focus Space and view your pre-ordered reading materials.

What items are required for registration?

You will need to bring a proof of Identification (copy and original) as well as a copy of a bill (not older than 3 months) for proof of address to register as an offline Reader. Online users simply provide information using our Registration form.


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Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Library registration. Complete this form to pre-register as a Reader to use our Reading Space in Chaguanas. If you register now you can order items in advance of your first visit. Pre-register online only if applying for the first time. To register click the "create an account" link below the login button.

I have read and accept The Timely Entrepreneur’s Library and Focus Centre’s Conditions of Use. N.B. You cannot renew an expired pass, or replace a lost or stolen pass, online; you must do this in person at our Chaguanas Office. I'd also like The Timely Entrepreneur’s Resource and Research Centre to contact me from time to time by email or post with updates of its news, events, products, offers, and other Timely Entrepreneur related information.