Mastering Objectives for Results in Entrepreneurship (M.O.R.E) ™

The thought of going into business can be quite exciting and while social media shows us the glory days, it’s the journey in the dark that anyone hardly ever speaks about that matters. The journey is daunting at times and during the down periods, new entrepreneurs feel like crashing. Being an entrepreneur means leading a life full of risks.

These risks are minimized through proper detailed planning and organizing of your business’ key objectives.

Our Mastering Objectives for Results in Entrepreneurship (M.O.R.E) ™ Programme helps entrepreneurs know their business inside out, answer key questions like, “Why does your business exist?”, and helps them develop key objectives that leads to results and financial growth.

Our certified M.O.R.E Programme will help you develop and implement new ideas and see them to fruition, creating economic and social value while you make MORE MONEY.

Because you want more, Get ready to succeed with M.O.R.E.


SHORT OVERVIEW. Full Course Syllabus and Student Portal Access will be granted upon registration and initial downpayment. 

The course aims at extending support for entrepreneurs in areas not commonly taught as stand alone, so as to enhance further development of the Entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset can help you embark on a variety of successful business ventures.

The course is designed to mould professional and Executive Entrepreneur Education (what we call Tripple E) to the entrepreneur.

TTERRC believes that Entrepreneurship is an action oriented activity and can be learnt effectively only by action. Hence, this course is designed to provide intensive inputs in terms of theoretical frameworks which are then applied in structured and customised projects over double the period.


In this course, we seek to:

  • Enhance Entrepreneur Education in a more practical scenario suited for real business and market situations.
  • Bridge the gap between incumbents and successors.
  • Help in mentoring and designing future direction of Entrepreneurship.
  • Change the way we do business in Trinidad and Tobago while recreating a more focused culture of go-getters and success.


Benefits of Enrollment include:

  • 1 hour of one-on-one business advisory session with one of our experienced business trainers.
  • Mentoring and development of entrepreneurial thinking as per needs of entrepreneur.
  • Option to become a no cost TTERRC one-on-one business advisory client.
  • Inhouse Incubation facilities offering legal, marketing and finance related support
  • Access to TTERRC’s Entrepreneur resources and focus space / library.
  • Courses available in English and Spanish.
  • Modular courseware structure with projects ensure learning through practice.
  • Faculty from leading programs both locally and globally.
  • Delivered using TTERRC's Texts, Templates and Plans and Business Guides.
  • Learn how to structure your startup for success.
  • Develop a greater understanding of and appreciation of Entrepreneurship - its Theories and Concepts.
  • Identify New Venture Opportunities.
  • Learn and use strategic management practices in business operations.
  • Identify opportunities for small business performance improvement.
  • Structured frameworks in ways to organize key objectives, activities and results.
  • Approaches to sequencing of business activities, i.e., the logic of the order or sequence of business activities.


Led by a facilitator trained to enrich in class discussion, encourage 360 feedback, and foster critical thinking. Our professors combine entrepreneurial experience with academic qualifications, exposing you to the newest methods of practice and theory.


Personal Benefits include:

  • Gain expansive knowledge of business concepts as used by professionals and successful business tycoons.
  • Develop your business' concept and key objectives.
  • Improve your critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Develop your decision-making skills.
  • Increase confidence and self-awareness of your right to be successful.
  • Broaden your professional network.
  • Receive and provide feedback from a diverse pool local serious minded entrepreneurs.



Individuals who cleared the assessments would be awarded a full certificate by The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre – ‘Managing Objectives for Results in Entrepreneurship". All certificates will bear TTERRC's official seal for validation.


Future Assistance

  • TTERRC Faculty will extend the required support for the individual in later courses and business ventures through mentoring and no-cost advisory sessions.
  • TTERRC Startup facilities would be made available for the individuals to explore new business opportunities.


Duration: 9 contact hours. 3 hour classes over 3 days

Assessment: In class and online via our Student Portal

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: Port of Spain

Annual Intakes: Jan 2020

Format: Afternoons and Sundays

Tuition Fees: $1200TT (Our [FPP] Flexible Payment Plan is available)


Take advantage of TTERRC's Entrepreneurship resources to set out the framework for your future professional lifestyle as a leading edge entrepreneur.


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