Our Professional Certificate programmes begin January 2020. Stay tuned for complete list of available courses.

Mastering Objectives for Results in Entrepreneurship (M.O.R.E) ™

The thought of going into business can be quite exciting and while social media shows us the glory days, it’s the journey in the dark that anyone hardly ever speaks about that matters. The journey is daunting at times and during the down periods, new entrepreneurs feel like crashing. Being an entrepreneur means leading a life full of risks.

These risks are minimized through proper detailed planning and organizing of your business’ key objectives.

Our Mastering Objectives for Results in Entrepreneurship (M.O.R.E) ™ Programme helps entrepreneurs know their business inside out, answer key questions like, “Why does your business exist?”, and helps them develop key objectives that leads to results and financial growth.

Our certified M.O.R.E Programme will help you develop and implement new ideas and see them to fruition, creating economic and social value while you make MORE MONEY


Get ready to succeed with M.O.R.E.


Duration: 9 contact hours. 

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: Port of Spain

Annual Intakes: Jan 2020

Format: Afternoons and Sundays

Tuition Fees: $1200

Take advantage of TTERRC Entrepreneurship resources to set out the framework for your future professional lifestyle as a leading edge entrepreneur.