Helping Businesses Get off the Ground:-

Starting a business is full of excitement, but the process can also be difficult, daunting and lonely. We have tons of resources to help get your business off the ground and friendly and efficient staff to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

We Are Information Providers:-

Our collections, books, databases, articles, publications and industry guides provide you with essential information, from personal and competitor analysis to intellectual property basics. These resources are extensive and valuable, and are freely available so you can use your hard-earned money on other key areas of your startup.

Workshops and other Learning Opportunities for Entrepreneurs:-

The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre also offers affordable Entrepreneur education through Entrepreneur workshops, Education series, Entrepreneur sessions, webinars and one-to-one sessions.

Focus Space:-

The Entrepreneur’s Library and Focus Centre Space is designed and designated to accommodate aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs from all walks of life to turn their business idea into a reality, or to elevate their new business to the next stage.

Through our network of resource personnel, we are able to deliver grass roots business support and information at EVERY stage of your business.

Whether you have always wanted to start a business, or have just taken your first steps into entrepreneurship, we will give you the skills, information and ‘know-how’ you need to build a viable business.

Contact us at 488-0507 / 760-6221 for access to our Entrepreneur Focus Space or to discuss how we can get your business started.


The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre is an organization with a mandate to educate and empower startups and Entrepreneurs, and to lead them to growth and success in business.

We design and implement effective Entrepreneur programs to serve businesses as they seek to understand the dynamics of Entrepreneurship.

While there are many tomes on Entrepreneurship, we have distilled our Sessions, discussions, experiences, books and user guides to the bare essentials.

We are a service-oriented organization, supporting the businesses in which we invest our time and energy in, and we act with a sense of urgency as we understand the need and self-fulfillment prophecy, to start your own business. We are obsessed with action and we focus on individual’s particular business needs. Our Entrepreneur Sessions are intimate, interactive and interesting.

Let The Timely Entrepreneur help you become a B.O.S.S.



We bring together the resourceful personnel, organizations, and information, in a simple and professional way, in order to assist startups/entrepreneurs in the growth of their business.


We believe strongly, that human resource and its creativity is by far the greatest asset of any economy. When creative individuals are presented with the right opportunities to harness their creativity and physical resources, it is then that productivity ensues. 

Entrepreneurism is an essential contribution for economic growth and development. Every thriving economy grows as a result of well developed and enhanced human resources / creativity.   


Our yearly event: The Timely Entrepreneur’s Launch and Learn Event aims to bring together all the resources, personnel and organizations that startups and even well-seasoned entrepreneurs need to engage with, in their pursuit of success. 

All in one place, on one single day, we create an intimate, yet professional and impactful event, connecting the dots and bridging the gaps in entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago.  


During the year: We host a series of informative seminars/webinars as well as meet with entrepreneurs one on one via our Discovery and development sessions.

 We are currently a member of the International Organization of Business Professionals



What We At The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Center provide:


- Early Stage Business Advisory

 - Affordable Entrepreneur Sessions

 - Live Webinar Learning

 Business Seminars, training and Workshops for startups and small businesses

 - The Timely Entrepreneur Launch and Learn Events

 - Insider Business Tips and advice

 - Access to The Timely Entrepreneur’s Library & Business Resources

 - Certification Courses for startups and small businesses

 - Connections to Small Business Development Assistance

 - Publicity Opportunities

 - Business Bites - Lunchtime Business Sessions for Entrepreneurs

 - Business Nights - Entrepreneur Learning

 - Connections to Export Assistance

...and much more.

To begin working with us, sign up here:

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