Study carrels (small cubicles for study) are provided for our readers. The carrels can accommodate one or two people. As advance booking is required for the carrels, please ensure that you have scheduled your visit and adhere to your appointment time.

Contact us to make your appointment at 868.488.0507 / 868.760.6221.

Bookings are normally for 45 minutes to 1 hour and only two Resource items are allowed in the carrel at any one time.

Please handle all documents with care.

Handle all documents, books, etc. with care as usage over time increases wear and tear.

When taking photographs, please don’t manipulate or distort items to get a better image. Hold your device firmly with both hands to avoid dropping it on the collection items. If your device has a hand or neck strap please use it. Sometimes taking photographs may not always be appropriate. Our Resource Centre offers a wide range of imaging services including digital images, scanned or paper copies and photographic prints.

Each case will be considered on its own merits and we will use discretion and judgment in implementing and enforcing the policies and procedures set out in this document. The Library and Focus Space reserves the right to depart from these policies and procedures where it considers this to be appropriate.


For walk-in registration, please print and sign.

Am I permitted to take photographs of material in the Reading Room?

Yes, you are allowed to use your tablet or mobile phone to photograph some of our materials. Please ask an admin if you need any guidance.


Not all materials in our Reading Room are available to photograph and preservation restrictions still apply.


Photographs taken are still subject to copyright, privacy and data protection legislation. The photographs must only be used for personal reference purposes, not for commercial purposes.

Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Library registration. Complete this form to pre-register as a Reader to use our Reading Space in Chaguanas. If you register now you can order items in advance of your first visit. Pre-register online only if applying for the first time. To register click the "create an account" link below the login button.

I have read and accept The Timely Entrepreneur’s Library and Focus Centre’s Conditions of Use. N.B. You cannot renew an expired pass, or replace a lost or stolen pass, online; you must do this in person at our Chaguanas Office. I'd also like The Timely Entrepreneur’s Resource and Research Centre to contact me from time to time by email or post with updates of its news, events, products, offers, and other Timely Entrepreneur related information.