At The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre, we are dedicated to building better businesses and better Entrepreneurs. We teach all things Entrepreneurship and prepare individuals for success in business because we are aware of the value of the knowledge bombs we deliver at any of our sessions.

The Entrepreneur and Small Business Training Centre is a project of The Timely Entrepreneur and some of the industry's brightest minds in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The training offered is focused on providing Entrepreneurs with the needed resources, tools and skills required to start and run a sustainable, viable business. 

We offer short 1 hour sessions to monthly sessions and we cater for all our clients. This means that sessions can be customised for just one individual or for your organisation's team as a whole.

We cover a range of topics affecting the business environment in our:

- Timely Entrepreneur Sessions - online and offline

- Business Bites Sessions (Lunch Time Learning)

Mastering Objectives for Results in Entrepreneurship (M.O.R.E) ™ - 12 month programme

- Mentorship Programmes

- Webinars

- Community Forum

- Blogs

- Featured Press Articles


Training is provided in areas such as:

- Building a Basic Website

- Preparation of Simple Terms & Conditions

- Competitive Advantage for Startups

- Pricing for Startups

- Accounting for Startups

- Market Research for Startups & Small Businesses

- Steps to Starting  A Small Business

- Business Planning

- Understanding Taxation

- Creative Kids Entrepreneurship

- Conference Room Spanish

- Preparing for Loans

- Understanding Consumer Behaviour

- Intellectual Property...and lots more.

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